Raised Hearth and Woodbin

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Raised Hearth and Woodbin

Product Code : P998

Model: Pyroclassic IV

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This unit has a number of advantages; firstly, it meets all the clearances required for a Pyroclassic IV so it can be used as a direct replacement for a traditional insulated tiled hearth even in a corner installation.

The hearth is 250mm high and this raises the Pyroclassic IV up to a very user-friendly height for reloading the fire and using the cooking surface. It also provides a convenient place to store your firewood in the woodbin, which fits under the hearth. This reversible woodbin is designed with a handle in one end and open at the other giving you the option of how you want to use it. It will slide easily on a carpeted surface but if you have a hard floor we can supply a number of self adhesive carpet tiles which can be fixed to the bottom of the woodbin allowing it to slide on your tile or wooden floor.

Powdercoated in Ripple Black. Dimensions: W680mm x D950mm x H250mm.


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