Miniature Raised Woodbin

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Miniature Raised Woodbin

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This item is for installations when a hearth is not required because the floor itself already meets the standards for a non combustible floor, or there is a continuous layer of non combustible material already installed on the floor.

This stylish accessory has the height advantages of our traditional 'Raised Hearth and Woodbin' without having the larger footprint. Similar to its bigger brother, the reversible woodbin comes double-ended so you can chose how to use it. Use it as a drawer front with slotted handle on one end to hide your kindling, firelighters, rake, shovel and matches, or open at the other end so you can select your logs without needing to slide the draw in and out as shown in the image.

Powdercoated in Ripple Black. Dimensions: W480mm x D680mm x H250mm.



Download the floor protector installation clearances HERE.


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