Brochures / Manuals


Pyroclassic IV Brochure

This brochure covers all the essential information you need to know about the Pyroclassic IV, including technical specifications.


Installation & Operation

Pyroclassic IV UK Operating Manual

All the information you need to effectively operate your new Pyroclassic IV.

Pyroclassic IV UK Installation Instructions

Please read these instructions thoroughly before installing a Pyroclassic IV. 

Pyroclassic UK Customer Handbook

A useful guide for the Pyroclassic IV including general information and basic troubleshooting.

Water Heating Element Installation & Warranty Information

Important information for your new Pyroclassic water heating element. Please note: This MUST be read by a plumber before installation. 

UK Hot Water Circuit Diagram Download
Second Storey Floor Penetration Kit Installation Instructions Download
Clearances for a Pyroclassic IV Installed on a Mini Raised Woodbin Download
Troubleshooting Down Draft Download
Wood Burning Tips Download