My fire is slow to start up. What can I do?

  • Open the Turboslide by moving it to the far left or right position.
  • Check the start-up hole is free of ash and char on the inside, push back any build-up with the rake. The start-up air supply hole allows air to enter the fire chamber like a pair of old fashioned bellows, if the hole is clogged with ash and char it will not work.¬†
  • Check for air leakage around the cook top, around the flue collar and in the flue pipe joints. Air bypassing the fire¬†chamber reduces draft. Repair any air leaks.
  • Slow start up can occur if you are fueling the fire with large or wet logs or loading onto too few hot coals. Use dry kindling to start fire quickly. DO NOT USE WET FUEL.
  • Insufficient draft. Review chimney construction and investigate air pressure levels in the home.
  • Warm, humid conditions outside or an inversion layer. Wait until the flue pipe heats-up.