How do I light my first fire?

1. Soak the reusable fire starters in methylated spirits. Tip: It is also handy to store the fire-lighters in a glass jar filled with meths.

2. Slide the Turboslide to the far right or far left position. This opens the air hole inside the door and allows
air to flow through acting like an old fashioned pair of bellows.

3. Place DRY kindling and a few small logs lengthways in the front of the fire chamber leaving a clear space
in front of the air inlet hole.

4. Place a soaked fire starter just under the kindling at the front of the fire chamber and light it. Try to avoid
dripping meths on to any surface when doing this as it can discolour some hearth materials.

5. Close the door.

6. Once the fire is burning really well and you have a nice bed of hot embers, move the Turboslide to the
central position (to cover the air inlet hole), this can be done slowly in several stages if preferred.

7. When opening the door to load more wood, slide the Turboslide to the far left or right open position,
and continue as in number 6.