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  1. Can I use a heat transfer kit? 24/02/2020

    The simple answer is yes.

  2. Why does my Pyroclassic not get as hot as traditional 'black box' style wood fires? 24/02/2020

    The Pyro is not a conventional radiant heater. As with all fires it can only generate the heat available from the fuel loaded into it and a single kilogram of wood fuel, soft or hard wood, carries the same calorific value by weight, so if a 'black box' fire is...

  3. How do I refuel the fire? 24/02/2020

    Use the rake to evenly distribute the hot ember and ash along the base of the fire box, ensuring there is sufficient hot ember at the front to provide adequate ignition to the fresh fuel load. Load the fresh fuel so the logs are loaded lengthways and one end of each log...

  4. Why is the door lock hard to operate? 24/02/2020

    Apply a small amount of high temperature grease to the thread (grease with graphite or molybdenum disulphide only).

  5. We have just had a minor gas explosion/back puffing in our Pyroclassic. Why has this happened? 24/02/2020

    This could be caused for the following reasons:

  6. Why are there cracks in my Pyroclassic cylinder? 24/02/2020

    This is a natural way to relieve built-up stress in refractories. It has no effect on operation, performance or useful life of the unit. The firebox is an arch structure, the most stable and permanent construction known. These cracks will develop over time and is nothing to worry about. 

  7. Do I need to grease the doorknob spindle? 24/02/2020

    A small amount of graphite grease should be applied sparingly and only occasionally to the spindle of the doorknob, twice a year is usually sufficient.

  8. How does burning work with the Pyroclassic IV? 24/02/2020

    Solid wood must change to gas and vapour before any burning can take place. This change occurs by heating wood to high temperatures to make the best gas fuel, low temperatures will make smoke and tars that are simply unburnt fuel. The Pyroclassic® IV is a North/South burning fire so the fire...

  9. How does the Pyroclassic IV burn overnight? 24/02/2020

    The overnight burn ability of the Pyroclassic IV is 100% dependent on the quality and size of fuel you put in it.

  10. What can I do if my wetback develops a thick coating on it? 24/02/2020

    The wetback can develop a coating of crusty creosote when the wood fuel is not being burnt in the most efficient way. Firewood can play a major role in the performance of a wood fire. The species is part of the picture but the most significant thing is that whatever...