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  1. How much does it cost? 22/11/2017

    Please call us on 03333 231271 or email for a quote. 

  2. Why is smoke coming from my Pyroclassic fire into my room? 22/11/2017

    There are a few reasons why this could be happening:

  3. What are the clearances for a Pyroclassic IV installed on a mini raised woodbin? 21/11/2017

    You can download the installation clearances for installing a Pyroclassic IV on a mini raised woodbin HERE. 

  4. How does the Pyroclassic IV burn overnight? 21/11/2017

    The overnight burn ability of the Pyroclassic IV is 100% dependent on the quality and size of fuel you put in it.

  5. Why is my door knob charred? 21/11/2017

    This will naturally happen slowly over years of use. However, this process can be accelerated by burning with the Turboslide open continuously and having the fire right up the front near the door. Please read our operating instructions again so you can use the Pyroclassic® IV correctly.

  6. Can I use a heat transfer kit? 21/11/2017

    The simple answer is yes.

  7. What can I do if my wetback develops a thick coating on it? 21/11/2017

    The wetback can develop a coating of crusty creosote when the wood fuel is not being burnt in the most efficient way. Firewood can play a major role in the performance of a wood fire. The species is part of the picture but the most significant thing is that whatever...

  8. How do I clean the glass? 20/11/2017

    If the correct quality fuel is burnt in the right manner, the glass should stay relatively clean. The air wash which passes down the inside of the door will scrub off any deposits during the burn cycle.

  9. Do I need to grease the doorknob spindle? 20/11/2017

    A small amount of graphite grease should be applied sparingly and only occasionally to the spindle of the doorknob, twice a year is usually sufficient.

  10. How do I light my first fire? 20/11/2017

    1. Soak the reusable fire starters in methylated spirits. Tip: It is also handy to store the fire-lighters in a glass jar filled with meths.