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  1. Can I put a natural tile on the wall instead of the wall screens? Does this comply with the 'non combustible wall' requirements? 24/01/2020

    Any non-combustible mineral board that is directly fixed to a combustible material like timber immediately loses its non-combustible qualities and therefore the full clearances must be applied. If this board were to be packed 25mm off the combustible material underneath and then ventilated top and bottom with 25mm air gaps...

  2. How do I light my first fire? 24/01/2020

    1. Soak the reusable fire starters in methylated spirits. Tip: It is also handy to store the fire-lighters in a glass jar filled with meths.

  3. How can I test if I am getting a good heat output from my Pyroclassic fire? 24/01/2020

    As you will note in the operating instructions for the Pyroclassic IV, the fire will not give its full performance for the first few uses until the unit has fully cured and heat tempered.

  4. Why is the door glass small? 24/01/2020

    Big door glass = big waste of heat

  5. Why is smoke coming from my Pyroclassic fire into my room? 24/01/2020

    There are a few reasons why this could be happening:

  6. What wood should I be using? 24/01/2020

    DRY. This means a maximum of 25% moisture content but ideally under 18% if possible.

  7. Why is my door knob charred? 24/01/2020

    This will naturally happen slowly over years of use. However, this process can be accelerated by burning with the Turboslide open continuously and having the fire right up the front near the door. Please read our operating instructions again so you can use the Pyroclassic® IV correctly.

  8. Why are there cracks in my Pyroclassic cylinder? 24/01/2020

    This is a natural way to relieve built-up stress in refractories. It has no effect on operation, performance or useful life of the unit. The firebox is an arch structure, the most stable and permanent construction known. These cracks will develop over time and is nothing to worry about. 

  9. How does the Pyroclassic IV burn overnight? 24/01/2020

    The overnight burn ability of the Pyroclassic IV is 100% dependent on the quality and size of fuel you put in it.

  10. Door knob troubleshooting 24/01/2020

    The expected lifespan of a door knob is somewhere between 4 - 10 years depending on how the fire is being operated.