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  1. How do I use my re-usable firelighters? 23/07/2019

    Place the soaked fire starter in the front of the fire chamber just underneath the front of your kindling. When the fire has started use tongs to remove it and place somewhere safe to cool down. When the fire starter is cold, place into a jar of methylated spirits for storage. 

  2. Can I use a heat transfer kit? 23/07/2019

    The simple answer is yes.

  3. What is Pyroclassic Fires' return policy? 23/07/2019

    Pyroclassic Fires is committed to customer satisfaction. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, return it to our UK distribution address within 30 days in the condition and packaging you received it and we will happily refund your money.

  4. What does it mean by the Pyroclassic being 'Self Regulating'? 23/07/2019

    The vigorous fire near the loading door automatically slows down as the burning front advances through the firebox towards the back. Each cycle ends with ash and hot ember at the far end of the firebox. Only use the Turboslide when lighting, adding fresh fuel or if you quickly want a very...

  5. Why is my Pyroclassic using more wood than I thought it would? 23/07/2019

    This could be because the loading door is not airtight. Check the gasket - if you need a replacement, you can purchase one from our Parts Shop.

  6. How do I clean the outside of the Pyroclassic and the flue pipes? 23/07/2019

    The powder coated panels on the Pyroclassic IV can be wiped clean with some light detergent and warm water You can choose to do this with the panels on the fire or remove them for a more thorough cleaning.

  7. Our flue pipe is showing signs of going brown, is this normal? 23/07/2019

    The flue pipes will change colour depending on how hot they have been. Like all metals, when exposed to the heat they go through a process called tempering or metallurgy which is explained in more detail here.

  8. How much does it cost? 23/07/2019

    Please call us on 03333 231271 or email for a quote. 

  9. How do I remove the ash from my Pyroclassic? 23/07/2019

    Remove the ash when the fire chamber is relatively cool. Use the Pyroclassic curved shovel to slowly empty the fire chamber. Ash almost always contains some hot ember.

  10. How do I light my first fire? 23/07/2019

    1. Soak the reusable fire starters in methylated spirits. Tip: It is also handy to store the fire-lighters in a glass jar filled with meths.