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  1. How do I fix down draft? 23/09/2020

    Download our down draft troubleshooting tips HERE.

  2. Who should I use to install the fire? 23/09/2020

    As a responsible manufacturer we recommend that all our fires are installed by a HEFTAS Qualified Installer. This will ensure the fire is installed correctly and safely and will provide many years of worry free comfort.

  3. How does burning work with the Pyroclassic IV? 23/09/2020

    Solid wood must change to gas and vapour before any burning can take place. This change occurs by heating wood to high temperatures to make the best gas fuel, low temperatures will make smoke and tars that are simply unburnt fuel. The Pyroclassic® IV is a North/South burning fire so the fire...

  4. What proportion of heat comes from the back of the fire and the flue in comparison to the front and sides? 23/09/2020

    This is a difficult question to answer. Most of the radiant heat from the fire comes from the top plate (more front than back) and the door area. The cooler convection heat comes off the extruded coloured panels around the sides and the front of the fire.

  5. Why is the door lock hard to operate? 23/09/2020

    Apply a small amount of high temperature grease to the thread (grease with graphite or molybdenum disulphide only).

  6. My Pyroclassic door gasket has moved out of place. What do I do? 23/09/2020

    The door to glass sealing gasket can occasionally walk along the back of the door. This happens due to the screws not quite holding enough tension on the door glass and so during the expansion and contraction process the gasket gets moved along a fraction each time.

  7. Why is there pale blue smoke early in the morning? 23/09/2020

    The Pyroclassic is burning off small creosote deposits formed by premature banking of the fire the night before.

  8. How do I refuel the fire? 23/09/2020

    Use the rake to evenly distribute the hot ember and ash along the base of the fire box, ensuring there is sufficient hot ember at the front to provide adequate ignition to the fresh fuel load. Load the fresh fuel so the logs are loaded lengthways and one end of each log...

  9. Why is the door glass small? 23/09/2020

    Big door glass = big waste of heat

  10. Can I cook on the top? 23/09/2020

    Yes you can cook on the 10mm thick steel top plate of the fire once a good fire has been established inside the fire chamber. You can use this area for all manner of cooking or warming.