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  1. How do I use my re-usable firelighters? 11/12/2018

    Place the soaked fire starter in the front of the fire chamber just underneath the front of your kindling. When the fire has started use tongs to remove it and place somewhere safe to cool down. When the fire starter is cold, place into a jar of methylated spirits for storage. 

  2. What size firewood should I be using in my Pyroclassic Fire? 11/12/2018

    Logs should be approximately 100-120mm in diameter by 300-400mm long.

  3. What does it mean by the Pyroclassic being 'Self Regulating'? 11/12/2018

    The vigorous fire near the loading door automatically slows down as the burning front advances through the firebox towards the back. Each cycle ends with ash and hot ember at the far end of the firebox. Only use the Turboslide when lighting, adding fresh fuel or if you quickly want a very...

  4. Why is my Pyroclassic using more wood than I thought it would? 11/12/2018

    This could be because the loading door is not airtight. Check the gasket - if you need a replacement, you can purchase one from our Parts Shop.

  5. Can I use a heat transfer kit? 11/12/2018

    The simple answer is yes.

  6. How does burning work with the Pyroclassic IV? 11/12/2018

    Solid wood must change to gas and vapour before any burning can take place. This change occurs by heating wood to high temperatures to make the best gas fuel, low temperatures will make smoke and tars that are simply unburnt fuel. The Pyroclassic® IV is a North/South burning fire so the fire...

  7. Do you recommend using Smartburn in the Pyroclassic? 11/12/2018

    We have not carried out any testing with the SmartBurn in the Pyroclassic so we have no official data to go from and based on the limited knowledge we have of it there is little to suggest that it would make any significant difference to the burn environment inside a...

  8. Why is the Pyroclassic sometimes shown as having a 4kW heat output and sometimes 15kW? 11/12/2018

    The 4kW rating for the Pyroclassic IV comes from the efficiency and emissions testing procedure. This heat output test is a byproduct of other tests and it is acknowledged throughout the industry that this method of testing disadvantages fires with a higher thermal mass.

  9. Why is smoke coming from my Pyroclassic fire into my room? 11/12/2018

    There are a few reasons why this could be happening:

  10. Why are there cracks in my Pyroclassic cylinder? 11/12/2018

    This is a natural way to relieve built-up stress in refractories. It has no effect on operation, performance or useful life of the unit. The firebox is an arch structure, the most stable and permanent construction known. These cracks will develop over time and is nothing to worry about.