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  1. What wood should I be using? 22/09/2018

    DRY. This means a maximum of 25% moisture content but ideally under 18% if possible.

  2. How does the Pyroclassic IV burn overnight? 22/09/2018

    The overnight burn ability of the Pyroclassic IV is 100% dependent on the quality and size of fuel you put in it.

  3. Why is my door knob charred? 22/09/2018

    This will naturally happen slowly over years of use. However, this process can be accelerated by burning with the Turboslide open continuously and having the fire right up the front near the door. Please read our operating instructions again so you can use the Pyroclassic® IV correctly.

  4. Can I use a heat transfer kit? 22/09/2018

    The simple answer is yes.

  5. Why do I need a wall screen? 22/09/2018

    Most installations in the UK do not require a wall screen as the wall behind the fire is generally made of non-combustible material. For homes that do have combustible walls behind the wood fire, the following is applicable:

  6. What is the warranty for Pyroclassic parts? 22/09/2018

    The ceramic firebox in the Pyroclassic IV is warranted for 15 years against defective material or workmanship, providing that the fire is used according to the manufacturer's operating instructions. Cracks and blisters to the cylinder are not considered a failure of the ceramic firebox.

  7. What size firewood should I be using in my Pyroclassic Fire? 22/09/2018

    Logs should be approximately 100-120mm in diameter by 300-400mm long.

  8. When and how should I clean the flue? 22/09/2018

    Pyroclassic fires are renowned for burning very cleanly when dry fuel is used but you should still always clean your chimney once a year. This is often a requirement for many insurance companies.

  9. Do I need to grease the doorknob spindle? 22/09/2018

    A small amount of graphite grease should be applied sparingly and only occasionally to the spindle of the doorknob, twice a year is usually sufficient.

  10. My fire isn’t going like it used to and performs like the flue is blocked even after cleaning. What do I do? 22/09/2018

    Remove the front panel by sliding it up. If there’s a white felt material (gasket), remove this and put back front panel.