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  1. Why does my Pyroclassic not get as hot as traditional 'black box' style wood fires? 11/08/2020

    The Pyro is not a conventional radiant heater. As with all fires it can only generate the heat available from the fuel loaded into it and a single kilogram of wood fuel, soft or hard wood, carries the same calorific value by weight, so if a 'black box' fire is...

  2. How do I light my first fire? 11/08/2020

    1. Soak the reusable fire starters in methylated spirits. Tip: It is also handy to store the fire-lighters in a glass jar filled with meths.

  3. What proportion of heat comes from the back of the fire and the flue in comparison to the front and sides? 11/08/2020

    This is a difficult question to answer. Most of the radiant heat from the fire comes from the top plate (more front than back) and the door area. The cooler convection heat comes off the extruded coloured panels around the sides and the front of the fire.

  4. How do I clean the outside of the Pyroclassic and the flue pipes? 11/08/2020

    The powder coated panels on the Pyroclassic IV can be wiped clean with some light detergent and warm water You can choose to do this with the panels on the fire or remove them for a more thorough cleaning.

  5. My Pyroclassic door gasket has moved out of place. What do I do? 11/08/2020

    The door to glass sealing gasket can occasionally walk along the back of the door. This happens due to the screws not quite holding enough tension on the door glass and so during the expansion and contraction process the gasket gets moved along a fraction each time.

  6. Why is my Pyroclassic using more wood than I thought it would? 11/08/2020

    This could be because the loading door is not airtight. Check the gasket - if you need a replacement, you can purchase one from our Parts Shop.

  7. Can I use a heat transfer kit? 11/08/2020

    The simple answer is yes.

  8. How do I use my moisture meter? 11/08/2020

    The moisture meter is intended to be used regularly throughout the drying process, from when you first get your wood fuel delivered right through to just before burning it. It will allow you to know exactly what the moisture content of the wood fuel you are using is and it will ensure...

  9. Why is the door lock hard to operate? 11/08/2020

    Apply a small amount of high temperature grease to the thread (grease with graphite or molybdenum disulphide only).

  10. Refuelling onto a low firebed 11/08/2020

    The wood fuel inside a Pyroclassic® IV fire burns best on a thin bed of ash and hot coals. However, if there is insufficient burning material in the fire bed to light a new fuel charge, excessive smoke emission can occur.