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  1. What are the clearances for a Pyroclassic IV installed on a mini raised woodbin? 20/03/2019

    You can download the installation clearances for installing a Pyroclassic IV on a mini raised woodbin HERE. 

  2. My fire is slow to start up. What can I do? 20/03/2019

    Open the Turboslide by moving it to the far left or right position. Check the start-up hole is free of ash and char on the inside, push back any build-up with the rake. The start-up air supply hole allows air to enter the fire chamber like a pair of...

  3. Our Pyroclassic fire appears to have 'rust-like' dust coming out at the bottom. What is this? 20/03/2019

    The rust dust is probably just the exposed bottom edges of the top valley walls where they meet the cylinder rap rusting a little bit due to moisture passing through the fire from the wood fuel.

  4. Why is there pale blue smoke early in the morning? 20/03/2019

    The Pyroclassic is burning off small creosote deposits formed by premature banking of the fire the night before.

  5. How to replace the door to glass sealing gasket 20/03/2019

    Download the instructions here -  Replacing-Door-to-Glass-Sealing-Gasket.pdf

  6. Can I use a heat transfer kit? 20/03/2019

    The simple answer is yes.

  7. I am building a very airtight home. Do I need to install an air vent? 20/03/2019

    All wood fires need oxygen to operate effectively. The Pyroclassic IV needs 3.6 cubic metres of air per kilogram of wood. Like all wood fires, if you starve the unit of air, which can easily happen with airtight homes, it will not operate correctly and puff smoke back into the room.

  8. When and how should I clean the flue? 20/03/2019

    Pyroclassic fires are renowned for burning very cleanly when dry fuel is used but you should still always clean your chimney once a year. This is often a requirement for many insurance companies.

  9. Why is smoke coming from my Pyroclassic fire into my room? 20/03/2019

    There are a few reasons why this could be happening:

  10. How do I clean the glass? 20/03/2019

    If the correct quality fuel is burnt in the right manner, the glass should stay relatively clean. The air wash which passes down the inside of the door will scrub off any deposits during the burn cycle.