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  1. When and how should I clean the flue? 21/10/2020

    Pyroclassic fires are renowned for burning very cleanly when dry fuel is used but you should still always clean your chimney once a year. This is often a requirement for many insurance companies.

  2. Why has the top plate dropped down at the front and ridden up at back and the insulating wool is visible? 21/10/2020

    The top plate may have dropped due to the front layers of insulating gasket moving out of position. This could be for a number of reasons but most often is due to a disturbance during sweeping.

  3. Air Supply 21/10/2020

    The room or space containing the Pyroclassic needs no additional ventilation unless a draught stabilizer is fitted, in which case a permanent opening of at least 1500m2 should be provided. Any air opening must be kept clear from blockage and obstruction.

  4. Why is my door knob charred? 21/10/2020

    This will naturally happen slowly over years of use. However, this process can be accelerated by burning with the Turboslide open continuously and having the fire right up the front near the door. Please read our operating instructions again so you can use the Pyroclassic® IV correctly.

  5. How does the Pyroclassic IV burn overnight? 21/10/2020

    The overnight burn ability of the Pyroclassic IV is 100% dependent on the quality and size of fuel you put in it.

  6. What do I do with my warranty forms? 21/10/2020

    Please make sure that both copies of your warranty paperwork have been fully filled out with all your details, the detailsof who you purchased the fire from, and your installer’s details for both the fire and the wetback if applicable.

  7. Can I use a heat transfer kit? 21/10/2020

    The simple answer is yes.

  8. What are the clearances for a Pyroclassic IV installed on a mini raised woodbin? 21/10/2020

    You can download the installation clearances for installing a Pyroclassic IV on a mini raised woodbin HERE. 

  9. How can I test if I am getting a good heat output from my Pyroclassic fire? 21/10/2020

    As you will note in the operating instructions for the Pyroclassic IV, the fire will not give its full performance for the first few uses until the unit has fully cured and heat tempered.

  10. Refuelling onto a low firebed 21/10/2020

    The wood fuel inside a Pyroclassic® IV fire burns best on a thin bed of ash and hot coals. However, if there is insufficient burning material in the fire bed to light a new fuel charge, excessive smoke emission can occur.