Why Choose a Pyroclassic Fire?

Massive Heat Storage

What makes a Pyroclassic fire unique is its cylindrical ceramic fire chamber, which at a density of 40kgs and 35mm thick, retains heat like a kiln. This differs from the industry standard fire bricks, which are incapable of storing this level of excess heat, making it almost impossible to achieve long burn times. The Pyroclassic IV is the only clean air approved fire to provide a 12 hour+ overnight burn*


Unique Air Control

Other than the turboslide, the Pyroclassic IV's air controls are fully automatic. This means the fire controls the rate at which oxygen is supplied to the wood fuel, allowing it to maintain the right burn temperatures for a complete secondary combustion (gasification). This process ensures the glass stays clean right throughout the burn cycle. If you were manually able to dampen the fire down, like with most other wood fires, this is when the real harm is done to the environment as tars and poisonous unburnt gasses are released into the air.


Water Heating Capabilities

The Pyroclassic IV can be fitted with a high output 3.7kW water heating element, providing a sustainable and more affordable long term solution for water heating. The wetback sits in the upper chamber of the fire, clear of the combustion zones so it receives the full heat of the gases once they have gone through the secondary combustion phase. The element uses an open grid format which increases the surface area, ensuring consistent hot water. The water heating element can be easily installed at a later date with no change to the fire itself.


Colour Range

If the traditional black box-style wood fire isn’t for you, the Pyroclassic IV is all about colour, with a range of more than 100 colours, from bold and bright to classic neutrals.


Environmentally Friendly 

With a 0.3g/kg emission rate, the Pyroclassic IV falls well within the requirements to be considered a low emissions burner. This coupled with a max efficiency rate of 83.3% and a low 1.1kg fuel consumption per hour, a Pyroclassic fire is the smart choice for the environment and your wallet. 



The Pyroclassic IV has a 10mm thick steel top plate which provides an excellent surface for cooking. You can boil the kettle, slow cook the casserole and even bake bread. To increase the versatility of the cook top plate you can purchase the cooktop oven, which comes with a handy trivet and embroidered oven mitt.


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*Please note: 12hr+ overnight burn claims are based on the Pyroclassic IV installed with sufficient flue draw and fuelled with dry, hardwood logs. 

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